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We’re obsessed with paper. In Irish, it’s “páipéar “- pronounced “pawpear”. A handwritten card delivers meaning and sparks connection, and the world needs more of all that. So, we design and curate exquisite stationery bursting with colour, imbued with Irish spirit, and worthy of your handwritten words.

Close-up of colourful sheets of illustrated writing paper showing sunsets and a stag

Each piece is inspired by a fragment of Ireland’s beauty that has captivated us, be it a wildflower, a landscape, a slice of history or an Irish quirk (and there are plenty of those).

We’re proud to work with Irish suppliers, printers and binders – many of which are family-run businesses. Our paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests and our packaging is either PEFC-certified, recycled, or brown bin compostable.

A letter is a quiet rebellion against the ‘send’ button. It’s reclaiming the personal, the analogue, the handwriting, the fingerprint. 


An email comes and goes, while a handwritten thought sits proudly on a shelf, before being tucked away in someone’s box of personal treasures, infused with the potential to become a microhistory… a sentiment that’s expressed and frozen in time.

A hand writing a thank you note next to a box of other thank you notes and the handwritten message "Dear Declan and Kelly"
Pawpear founder Kim Whyte holding some illustrated stationery boxes

Founder Kim Whyte previously worked as a stationery designer in London and set up Pawpear in 2022.


Kim’s fascination with paper has permeated every aspect of her life – from collecting notepaper as a child, to running origami workshops and writing letters to family and friends.

Pawpear is being stocked in increasing numbers of national galleries and independent stores across Ireland.

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