Capture every thing in your business.
Pawpear helps businesses automate data capture, extraction and
migration processes for paper, digital and hand printed documents.

Pawpear’s Data Capture solutions automate and accelerate business processes by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, transforming them into accurate and actionable information, and delivering it all into core business applications, processes and workflows

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Your business needs automated data capture - not a data entry clerk!

Data entry, capture and extraction is normally a manual process. Scanning, naming and even extracting information is labour intensive, expensive and time consuming. Avoid the “keeper of the keys” position and instantly maximise the value and power of the information stored in your document management solution by automatically capturing your data.

Document Automation: Classify, Separate and Extract

Most organisations today are plagued with a wide variety of documents and forms, both paper and digital, that employees are often tasked with the time-consuming job of organising, scanning and extracting data from them. Pawpear’s Classification solution relieves this pain by enabling users scan stacks of different document types within a single batch and rather than having a user manually sort pages prior to scanning, it classifies, sorts, separates and extracts data from each individual document with a single simple process.

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Automate data extraction and reduce data entry time lags

So many paper forms to process, so little time. Wouldn’t it be nice to automate the collection of data from forms and documents? Pawpear’s Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) module can do just that. The ADE module uses an intelligent expression-matching engine to filter the text within a document and automatically map that information to an index field. The result is a dramatic reduction in data entry time and associated costs.


Capture hand printed information from documents

Scanning and indexing hand-printed forms is a challenge for most organisations. The typical solution is to hand-key information from these types of documents - a process that is obviously labour intensive and costly. Pawpear’s Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) solution, converts hand-printed text on forms into index field data. The indexed data can then be routed to the document management system as metadata, making the previously hand printed data searchable and useable.

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Process and digitise OMR data with ease

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) provides the ability to intelligently read check boxes or bubble sheets and convert the results into meaningful data. OMR can be used for anything from test grading to determining results of polls and surveys, data that is usually gathered in bulk.

Extract invoice line items easily with Table Extraction

Every Accounts Payable department has the same challenges - a never ending flow of paper invoices and labour-intensive data entry. Pawpear’s Table Extraction solution provides a powerful line-item extraction technology to speed up the extraction of invoice data, providing AP personnel a quick and easy way to verify and validate data.

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